Reading list for seminars and lectures

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Reading list for seminar (15/10/2010):


  1. Diversity and Dimensions of the Baltic region
  2. Lithuanian Foreign policy – geopolitical discourse and identity of the regional leader

Reading list:

Dimensions and Geopolitical Diversity of “the Baltic”: Then and Now

Geopolitical Projections of New Lithuanian Foreign Policy

Reading list for seminar (26/11/2010):


Reading list for seminar (11/12/2010):

The Baltc States: in search of security

New security issues in Northern Europe : the Nordic and Baltic states and the ESDP /edited by Clive Archer. London ; New York (N.Y.) : Routledge : Taylor & Francis Group, 2008. The book is in MRU library. You shuld read only about the Baltic States security.

Additional reading list for seminar (16/10/2009)

The Baltic States: security and defence after independency

Additional reading list for lectures (not compulsory):

Security of the Baltic States

The security policy of Lithuania

Baltic States and Russia

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